Edmodo Group Codes

 The 2015 Education Conference is    Make the most of your conference experience -  
Edmodo is a free social learning platform with one of the largest community of educators and students in the world. Edmodo provides an easy way to collaborate and share content in a safe environment.


SPARCC has its own Edmodo group where attendees can connect and communicate before, during, and after the conference.

Each concurrent session also has an Edmodo Group, in which you can access presentation materials and discuss ideas shared before, during and after the session.

 A. Join the Main Conference Group on Edmodo
  1. If you do not already have one, go to www.edmodo.com
  2. Select “I’m a Teacher” to create a free account.
  3. Complete your profile information.
  4. In the “Groups” section on the left side of your homepage,  
  5. Click “+” and then select “Join”
  6. Enter this six-digit group code in the join field: pj7pw8
  7. This will enroll you in the “2015 SPARCC Conference Group” 
B. Join specific conference concurrent session groups on Edmodo
    1. Use the list below and locate the six-digit group codes for session you want to join.
    2. Follow the same steps you took to join the Conference Group.
    3. With so many great sessions to choose from, don’t miss out on the ones you can’t attend – join as many groups as you like!
    C. You also download Apps to follow conference on your computer, browser, tablet or phone.